‘Tis The Season To Be Cherry

‘Tis The Season To Be Cherry

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‘Tis The Season To Be Cherry

Christmas is Here and You Don’t Know What Nutty Delights to Use - We Have You Covered!

Sweet, Puffy, Chocolatey-Brown Goodies sprinkled with crushed, Crunchy-Fine Almonds. Pies and Cakes marinaded with all the jam-packed-goodness of Cherries and Blueberries

Past the sweet-talk, Christmas is the one time of the year when you’re allowed to break every diet and restriction, and treat your palette to an entire course of delicacies. The House of Rasda is proud to present a most exquisite manual on how to make the best use of Dry Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds to allow your home-cooking to go from a Christmas experiment to a Christmas miracle.

Ho-Ho-Ho and a Helping of the Most Delicious Dry-Fruits and Nuts for the Most Festive of Christmases. 

All I Want for Christmas is Cake

You baked your heart out during the previous lockdown, and now you want to freshen your cookbook with some truly Christmas-y Cakes. At The House of Rasda, we recognize the absolute beauty of a warm, fluffy slice of cake that melts like butter against your spoon. But why not allow your cake to be the talk of the party with a tiny addition of the best that nature has to offer?

Dried Apricots, Medjoul Dates and Sundekhani Raisins make for cracking additions to an already perfect dish, and for those looking for a crunchier, more earthy flavour, might we suggest a peppering of Pecans, Walnuts and Almonds.

Professional Tip : Mix the Batter Thoroughly With Your Fingers To Ensure an Even Spread of Goodness In Every Bite. 

The Perfect Panettone 

Happiness is the smell of freshly baked bread, and true happiness is a dose of Panettone, sweet bread with a hint of a fruity delight.

A classic panettone is crusted with sun-kissed Almonds, Dried Oranges, and Cherries. Why not delight yourself with a rather different type of Panettone this Christmas? At The House of Rasda, we prefer our panettones with a sprinkling of Pistachio and Dried Cranberries, to offer a wonderful, nutty-sweet, acidic hint of taste in every bite of warm bread.

Loving With Baklava

The Ottoman delicacy without any match - the Baklava. Baklavas are surprisingly easy to pull off at home, layering phyllo pastry with an assortment of nuts of your choice!

While Baklavas are preferred with an assortment of freshly crushed Pistachios, might we be so bold as to suggest a mixture of crushed Brazilian Nuts, Hazelnuts, and Pistachios with a hint of cinnamon and ground cloves.

The beauty of a Baklava arised from the permutations in which you can arrange a whole assortment of crackling, crunchy, or even buttery nuts.

Professional Tip : Don’t Crush or Cut the Dry Fruits too finely, or you’ll lose the delicious crunch that defines a Baklava.

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