Makar Sankranti 2022 : Harvesting Goodwill For a Greener Tomorrow

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Dedicate this Makar Sankranti to Nature and a Helping of Natural Living

The Harvest Festival is just about here, and that can only mean one thing – Delectable Til Delights, Crunchy-Sweet Homemade Chikki, and Fresh Jaggery-Flavoured Treats.

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‘Tis The Season To Be Cherry

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Christmas is Here and You Don’t Know What Nutty Delights to Use - We Have You Covered!

Sweet, Puffy, Chocolatey-Brown Goodies sprinkled with crushed, Crunchy-Fine Almonds. Pies and Cakes marinaded with all the jam-packed-goodness of Cherries and Blueberries

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Diwali 2021 : Spread Joy With A Sattvic Twist This Festival Season

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With Diwali at the doorstep, you might be worrying about how to satisfy your cravings while maintaining a healthy, Saatvik diet to complement the auspicious celebrations.

 At The House of Rasda, we recognise that you have enough on your plate with all the work that accompanies the festivities. Grab a handful of Buttery-soft Makhana and Roasted Peanuts, and allow us to present a few Sattvic care-packages to make your Diwali shopping oh-so much easier.

Now only till the end of the Festival Season - Enjoy 10% off for all Purchases Made on over the Sum of Rs. 2500 and More. Celebrate this Diwali in style.

Keep a helping of Rich, Creamy Medjoul Dates at hand to fight off the weariness that comes with all the festivities. A bowl of Lip-Smacking, Salted Almonds mixed with Plain Foxnuts and Walnuts makes for a nutrition filled, party snack that the entire family will dip their hands into.

 Find Amazingly Healthy, Premium Sattvic Trail Mix Ideas to Put Your Mind at Ease at From Berry-Sweet Oxidant Rich Trail Mixes to a Perfect Blend of Your Crunchy Nutty Trail Mixes, Help us Find You the Combinations You Never Knew You Needed.

 Share the Joy

 While it has become a common practice to distribute sugary treats during Diwali, present the same mouth-watering, sweet-toothed, aromatic affection with a Sattvic twist to your loved ones in the form of The House of Rasda Gift-Boxes.

 These trays of Dry Fruits, Nuts and Seeds allow the body to heal, while spreading joy and happiness during the festivities.

 The House of Rasda is proud to present a wide variety of premium Diwali Gift-Boxes to give your loved ones this festive season.


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Diwali 2021 : Spread Joy With A Sattvic Twist This Festival Season - 2

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The Pack of Four

 Nourished by Nature’s Kiss, Packed with Every Affection. A Perfect Gift for Those You Love, And an Even Better Gift to Treat Yourself With.

Delicious, Crunchy Almonds, Creamy, Soft Cashews, Sweet, Earthy Pistachios, Lovable, Premium Raisins

 The Pack of Six

 A Celebration of Nature’s Kindest Gifts, Now Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep. Enjoy the Taste of Rich Luxury as Each Bite Melts in Your Mouth. Or Better Yet, Share Each Sattvic Bite With Your Loved Ones This Diwali.

 Sun-Kissed, Natural Figs, Delicious, Crunchy Almonds, Creamy, Soft Cashews, Sweet, Earthy Pistachios, Lovable, Premium Raisins, Pleasant, Mediterranean Apricots

The Sugar of the Desert

Sweet, Premium Desert Dates of Every Kind, that Will Quench Your Thirst for Excellent Taste and Leave You Wanting Nothing More Than Another Mouthful.

Slender, Fleshy Amber Dates, Heavenly-Soft Ajwa Dates, Queen of the Desert - Medjoul Dates, Natural, Remedial Safawi Dates


Hungry for more? Now only till the end of the Festival Season - Enjoy 10% off for all Purchases Made on Over the Sum of Rs. 2500. Celebrate this Diwali Season in style. Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi? We deliver straight to your doorstep, anywhere in India.



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Ordering Dry Fruits Online in India - 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Doorstep Delivery of Dry Fruits

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Ordering Fresh Dry Fruits From the Comfort of Your Home Has Never Been Easier. But Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Dry Fruit Shopping?

Craving Crunchy Almonds? Sun-kissed Goji Berries with Cream and Cereal? Soft Dates that melt in your mouth? Why step out of your house when you can sample the very best of Nature from your living room? 

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