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Gaundh Katira, derived from the roots and stems of the shrub also known as Tragacanth, Tragacanth gum, katira, or katia gond, possesses a unique cold property, offering a cooling effect to the body and aiding in reducing body heat, making it a popular choice for consumption during the summer months. Unlike gond, Gond Katira does not dissolve when soaked in water; instead, it absorbs water and swells or fluffs up to several times its original size.

Typically enjoyed as a refreshing beverage called gond katira sharbat, this versatile ingredient can also be added to yogurt or lassi for a nutritious twist. To prepare Gond Katira for consumption, it is soaked in water for a few hours until it achieves a jelly-like consistency. It is recommended to consume this beverage in the morning to reap its benefits. Some of the advantages associated with Gond Katira include providing relief from summer heat, preventing summer nosebleeds, and reducing the risk of heat strokes.

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Gum Tragacanth / Gaundh Kateera
10000 15000

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