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Introducing the House of Rasda Red Chilli Makhana - a delicious and healthy snack that is perfect for those who love spicy food. Made from the puffed seeds of the lotus flower, Red Chilly Makhana is a flavorful variation of the traditional Makhana snack.

To create this spicy treat, the lotus seeds are carefully roasted until they are crispy and crunchy. They are then coated with a perfect blend of red chilli powder, salt, and other spices to give them a spicy and tangy kick. The result is a snack that is not only delicious but also nutritious.

Fox nut is a low-calorie and low-fat snack that is high in fiber and protein. The lotus seeds used in this snack are packed with essential minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

In conclusion, Red Chilly Phool Makhana from House of Rasda is a tasty and nutritious snack that is sure to satisfy your craving for something spicy. With its crispy texture and bold flavor, it is an ideal snack for those who enjoy a little heat in their snacks. Try it today and experience the deliciousness of Red Chilli Fox nuts!

Fox Nuts Red Chilli / Makhana

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