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 Amber date is a soft and dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated in Madina and is well renowned for its size as it is the largest of the Madina dates. A keen favorite amongst the locals and beyond.

Amber khajoor, Premium Dates from Saudi Arabia, big size dates, non-pulpy khajoor, best quality and best price, delivered all over India.

amber khajoor one of the big size dates are amber khajur, naturally dried fruits, Amber is a delicate and plump dry assortment of date product from Saudi Arabia. It is produced in Medina and is all around famous for its size as it is the biggest of the Medina dates

One Date Three Qualities: Our Ambar Date known for its generous size, sweet taste, and health benefits. These are counted as the best dates in the middle east. As we are aware Amber dates are rich in fiber and multivitamins, as a result, it acts as a powerhouse to the body and boosts intellectual power. 

Multi-Purpose: It seems a bit surprising but these dates are not only used as sweet date gifts but one can also utilize them in a variety of delicious dishes like butter toasts, tajines, and muesli.

The best and healthiest choice over sugar Upgrade your favorite dishes by adding healthy Amber fresh dates. These dates let you relish an immense taste of sweetness without any hidden side effects. Just go ahead and update your to-do list with our Premium Jumbo Amber Dates. Also Compare amber dates price with House of Rasda which gives you Best Quality and Best amber Khajoor price.

Amber Premium Saudi Dates Box / Khajur
84000 150000

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