25000 37500

You're saving the environment, one seed at a time. Every house of RASDA product is served in impeccable bio-degradable packaging. Together, we can create sustainable practices to create a Greener Earth.

A Smooth, Buttery Texture with an almost Coco-Nutty flavour. Fresh, Flavourful Brazilian Nuts, straight from the Canopies of the Amazon.

Brazil nuts are extremely rich sources of Selenium. In fact, they contain more Selenium than any other nut. Selenium is an all important mineral that influences cell growth and repair. Higher amounts of Selenium have also been linked to better immune systems and is known to promote Thyroid functioning. Brazil Nuts have high amounts of Ellagic Acid, which, alongside Selenium, complements Brain Health.

Exotic Jumbo Brazil Nuts
25000 37500

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