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You're saving the environment, one seed at a time. Every house of RASDA product is served in impeccable bio-degradable packaging. Together, we can create sustainable practices to create a Greener Earth.

One of the Plumpest Dry Fruits, the Black Plum is all the goodness of the fresh Plum with a flavourful sweetness. Black Plums or Prunes are a perfect mix of sweet and sour. 

Start your day with an exciting breakfast of fresh Black Plum Juice or Black Plum on toast.

Black Plums or Prunes are extremely high in fiber, and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body. Black Plums are thus a natural preventive measure against colon cancer. Prunes also keep you full for longer, which aids in weight loss. Not only does it lower blood pressure, but antioxidants in Plums reduce cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar levels.

Dehydrated Black Plums
8000 12000

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