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Kala namak, also known as black salt, is a unique type of rock salt that is kiln-fired and widely used in the Indian subcontinent. This salt has a distinctive sulphurous and pungent smell that sets it apart from other types of salt. It is often used as a remedy for various gastro-intestinal problems, including indigestion, flatulence, and stomach aches.

The House of Rasda is a trusted supplier of kala namak, offering the best grade quality salt in hygienic packaging. By ensuring that their product is of the highest quality and packaged safely, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting a reliable and effective product for their health needs.

With its natural healing properties and traditional usage, Black rock salt has become a staple in many households and is a popular choice for those seeking natural remedies for digestive issues.

Black Rock Salt / Kaala Namak
4000 6000

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